Mission: Population control and promoting proper, responsible care by adopting animals into good homes and forging the cost of spaying, neutering and annual vaccinations for those on low or fixed income, and for strays and managed colonies.

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FREE spaying/neutering services - you must receive some type of government assistance .

LOW COST spaying/neutering services - $10 for cats, $50 for female dogs up to 80 lbs.  Over 80 lbs, $100. (If you need transport help, $25 in Lorain, OH)

CATS - If you're in need of spay/neuter help, email us proof of income, your name, address, phone number, number of cats and their sex. Contact information is below.

DOGS - For female dogs, send us proof of income, your name, address, phone number, and number of dogs.  (We don't neuter dogs.) 

If you have any questions, please CONTACT US.

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If you buy a pet from a pet store, you are likely buying from a 'mill'.  'Papers'  mean nothing.
Please adopt from a rescue or non-profit organization.